1. Discography

    2012 - A Bullet For You 7” (Crossbill)

     ”A Bullet for You,” the title track from Brass Bed’s new three-song 7”, is their best yet: a smoke-wreathed piece of pleading, romantic rock that explodes into a gnashing guitar solo redolent of post-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco.” SPIN

    A Bullet For You

    2012 - On Nilsson EP (Crossbill)

    "Revitalised by a splash of pop, the vocals of Bohl and Brass Bed front man Christiaan Mader add a sense of urgency to the record, mixed with a jagged feeling of paranoia. It’s a cleverly done piece of work that doesn’t fail to honour the American singer-songwriter." Drunken Werewolf

    2011: The Color Session (Park The Van)

    "The album’s charm lies in the meeting of the genres—traditional Cajun pop songs covered by an indie rock band and contemporary rock songs interpreted by the playful and imaginative Cajun band." CMJ

    2010 - Melt White (Park The Van)

    "It’s a solid yet pleasurably unpredictable pop band with requisite hooks and crunchy guitar sounds, which makes sense for a group that bills itself on its MySpace page as sounding like ‘a dog eating peanut-covered homework.’" Vanity Fair

    2008 - Midnight Matinee (Self-Released)

    “…Midnight Matinee is a kaleidoscope of orchestral flourishes, psych-pop contagiousness, fuzzed-out rock, wilting country winks, and even the occasional detour into noise. It’s an ADHD modus operandi that probably shouldn’t work, but thanks to watertight songwriting, is miraculously cohesive.” Flagpole