1. "A Bullet For You" out September 18th, 2012 on Crossbill Records.

    We’re incredible excited to announce the release of A Bullet For You, a 7” featuring three  new songs - out September 18th, 2012 on Crossbill Records.

    The A side is,  ”A Bullet For You”, a slow burning reverb-heavy missive that’s a sneak preview to our next album. “Bullet” is backed by a pair of  b-sides, “Every Time You Make Me” and “Please Don’t Go”. The first is a brand new song we wrote and recorded in June and the latter is a remake of another track from our upcoming album that we’ve gone ahead and given the subtitle of [Jim Dickenson’s Fever Dream].

    This new 7” will hopefully settle the appetite four next album, The Secret Will Keep You, that we promise will be rotating on your turntables in early 2013. Until then, hopefully we’ll see you on tour!